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:groups: Rules:
These rules exist in order to make the club more clear and to prevent that only people join the group because they want comments/views but nothing more. We want our members to be active and that they should add comments or favs to the pictures they like.
Please, be sure that you read the rules before you submit art.

➊ We only submit works which contain wolves, we don't accept dogs, foxes or other animals! The club is called "wolf--lovers", not canine-lovers!
➋ Also, we hope you only submit works which you are satisfied with. Don't contribute bad sketches, photos, scribbles and works of poor quality or which are unfinished.
For example: Poor quality means that the photograph (of your drawing) is very dark or overexposed. So, that we can't make out what it shows. Pictures drawn on quadrilled or ruled paper, large white/unfilled ares with a small picture in the bottom right corner are unwelcome as well (please, remember that we want to see art which you are satisfied with it! Works on quadrilled/ruled paper aren't "real art". A picture or an idea is precious. So, act like that. Pictures deserve it!
➌ Please, make sure that you don't contribute more than 3 works in a week.
Here's a little suggestion for people who want to gain more attention: Try to submit only 1 work a day. So, people have the chance to view your art and to comment on it. People tend to ignore art when they see to many at the same time. Same applies to submitting art on deviantart as well. It works! Be active but don't overdo it.
➍ Follow our club with interest and offer your sympathies!
If you're a contributor/co-founder of this club, we want you to give 3 or more comments a week at least to these pictures you like. Also, it's very desirable when our members give one or two views, maybe a fav or comment on other people's art when they find the time to do so.
Go to the gallery and look at the pictures there. Pic your favourites up and comment (or maybe fav) on them! We'll have a look at our contributors/co-founders activities and if you can't do it, you'll lose your rang. Sorry, but we don't want to be a group which is dead and ignored. If you don't have the time to do anything, don't join our group.
➎ Try to put your works into the correct folders!
There are a lot of people who sort photographs or other traditional art into the "digital art" folder.
✔ Digital Art:
The artwork has to be only done with a digital program. If you added a photo as a background, it doesn't necessarily come under this folder. (any traditional work that has been photographed does NOT go here!)
✔ Traditional Art:
Similiar to the digital folder but here, it must be done with traditional media. If you changed some shades or lights with a digital program in order to adjust the colours your scanner has eaten it'll be appear also in the traditional folder.
✔ Photography:
Every photograph of wolves (and only wolves!) is welcome! Please, make sure that the lighting and focus is good enough in order to make out what it shows!
✔ Tutorials and Meme:
Every Meme and Tutorial, References etc. will appear here. Please, it's welcome when you add some words to your tutorial in order to make it more clear.
✔ Fanart:
Every fanart of a movie, tv show or something similiar which contains wolves is welcome! Please, we won't accept fanarts in any other folders.
✔ Cartoons & Comics:
Covers, comic strips and/or other pages of your comic/doujinshi and similiar things are very welcome!
✔ Characters, Styles and Sheets:
Pretty strait forward, if you create a character sheet, whether it contains a picture with a wolf character with history, personality, age, ect to be referenced from in the description, or is a part of the picture itself, the picture goes here.
✔ Deviantart related:
IDs, Gifts, "Happy Bday, DA" and things like that come under this folder.
✔ Doodles and Linearts:
You have linearts or other equal works? (Doesn't matter if it's digital, traditional, or a doodle or line art of an anthro) Please, put them into this folder.
✔ Anthro:
Every wolf which looks more like a human (werewolves, human body+wolf head etc.) than an animal come under this folder so long as it is not a doodle, WIP, or line art
✔ Animation, Stamps, Miscelleanous:
Icons, animated gifs, stamps and other material which contains wolves are welcome.
✔ Literature:
Stories and poetry will be found here.
Pay attention to that what you're doing!

➏ We won't accept pictures which aren't (totally) done by yourself.
For example: screenshots, bases, manipulated (official) work, paintings of wolves with a photograph as a background, overpaintings or other thievery.
➐ Respect artworks and other pieces presented in the club. We don't want to see how you complain about other people's works or how you treat them. That doesn't fit to the dA policies and we will kick out person which won't follow them.

:groups: FAQ
  • Why only 3 submissions a week? - Submitting more than 3 pictures a week (we had people who submitted more than 3 pictures in 10 minutes) causes that too many pictures of the same person(s) get viewed at the same time and others don't get the chance to receive attention.
    If more and more people join the group and everybody submit more than allowed, we will lose track of them and the group, especially the gallery, is in danger of oversight or ignoring because too many submissions will appear a day and some people will remove the watch because their message centre is full to overflowing. It's totally comprehensible but not our aim.
  • What's "poor quality"? - For example: blurry photos, images scanned/ photographed that are too dark to see, and art that is too smudged to make out what it is.
  • Are contributors allowed to activate their own submissions? - No, they aren't.
  • How can I prove that I'm active?- That's easy. Reply questions or blogs, write comments (logo required), submit art, make a suggestion if you have one, propably join a contest (we will open one in the near future) etc.
  • How do I write a good comment? - Look at this:…
  • What's about denials? - Contributors and (Co-)Founders have to explain why they didn't accept a submission, which doesn't seem to fit with our club/theme. If people didn't read the rules and they spam us: nothing of their pictures will be accepted.

If these rules fail to be followed:
  • 1) Warning and nomination: Spam: kwinz1996
  • 2) If you are a contibutor or a co-founder and are the causer, you will be demoted.
  • 3) You will be kicked out of the group and blocked.




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